Gobble Podcast Manager

Version 3.x Universal App Edition

Gobble is a video and audio podcatcher/podcast manager for Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.1 Phone, and Windows 8.1 RT. While Gobble 2.0 was been rebuilt from the ground up to support Windows 8.1, Gobble 3.0 has been built to take advantage of the Universal App features now availble for Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps. As Gobble evolves, functionality will be added to improve usability on specific device types and form factors.

Gobble is pre-loaded with a set of popular podcast feeds that have been tested to work with the application. In addition to the pre-loaded feeds, users can search the integrated online podcast catalog or can add their own podcast feeds. The application is optimized for performance and takes advantage of multi-threading capabilities of today's modern processors and can provide for both online and offline viewing of podcasts.

Latest Release Notes

Main Features

  • Customizeable Central Hub to keep up with the latest episodes
  • Support for Background Audio Playback
  • Support for user supplied feeds
  • Ability to set Favorites for Feeds
  • Thumbnail Support for Podcasts
  • Customizeable User Interface including setting background page color
  • Background Download of new episodes
  • Import Podcasts using OPML
  • Large Online Catalog: Revision3, TWiT, CNET, Engadget, G4TV, NASA, PBS, E!Online, NBC, and many more
  • My Playlist support and New Show Playlist support
  • Support for continuous payback
  • Hide or show previously viewed items
  • Pre-Loaded Video Podcast Content and Integrated Online Catalog for more Audio and Video content
  • Download shows to your Video or Music library for offline viewing
  • Synchronized subscriptions across devices when signed in with Microsoft Account
  • Support for secure RSS feeds
  • Offline Podcast Player and Manager

Windows 8.1 Features

  • Secondary Live Tile support
  • Support for Media Keyboards
  • Support for PlayTo Network Devices
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Windows Phone 8.1 Features

  • Simplified Hub UI for improved usability on smaller screens
  • Backgroud Audio Support for both Video and Audio Feeds
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