Virtual Island Software

Virtual Island Software's roots date back to 1989 when I started doing dBase development on the side during my college years. The types of software development evolved to included OS/2 programs and Smalltalk programming. I was not an early Microsoft or Windows fan and really didn't start working with Windows as a platform until Windows 2000 and even then, it was only because it was required for my job at the time. Around 2009, I took on a partner to incorporate the company and focus on business software development. This past year, my partner decided to leave the company at which point, I would focus the company and my energies on Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.

Like myself, I always would like to know more about the developer behind the app I am using. As I mentioned above, Virtual Island Software has been a side project for me over the years. I have spent most of my career involved in software development in different roles the last 30 years. Two years ago, I was given an opportunity to jump into an entirely different role which I get well compensated for and enjoy. One thing I do miss is doing hands-on development leveraging all of the things I got to learn building enterprise applications for Fortune 100 companies. Hence this was how Gobble was born two years ago.

I had always hung on to my MSDN subscription so I took advantage of having access to Visual Studio and the early Windows 8 Betas. At the time, I enjoyed watching podcasts using XBMC but I had some issues with it and began looking for alternatives. One day while I had Visual Studio up, I decided to throw a MediaElement control on a Windows 8 page and hardcoded the source property to the latest Tekzilla podcast feed and it actually worked very well. Over the next few days, I would basically paste in the latest URL into the source property and continue to watch that way. You probably saw this coming but the next evolution was to make it where I didn't have to do that each time. At that point I had to make a decision whether or not to build this the right way or just fix it enough so it was tolerable. The developer in me decided to do it the right way and build it using web services, reusable object classes, and multi-threading. This decision has benefited me tremendously as it allows me to continue to add new features at a rapid pace. The release of the Universal App support for Windows Phone combined with the reusable components has allowed me to quickly develop a mobile version of Gobble.

As for pricing, I am a firm believer of never screwing your earlier customers by offering later customers cheaper prices than the earlier folks paid. I have put alot of my own personal time and money into this development and if I relied on any money that has been made on Gobble at this point, I would be homeless. I do not plan on lowering the price but increasing the price based on the release number.

Thanks to all of the support from the users who reached out to me. I very much appreciate the feedback and suggestions so please keep them coming!  As far as other apps, I do have a couple of others in the cooker but really focused on taking Gobble as far as I can take it.